Assignment #1: 10 Articles
#1 Plugged in Students

This article focused on how a seventh grade math teacher started using iPods in her classroom and got amazing results. She made a video and some notes on the iPod and had her students do activities with them. Afterwards she asked the students if they liked working on the iPods and she got very positive feedback from all levels of classes.

#2 Making Math Fun for Kids: 5 iPod Touch Math Apps
This article shares 5 applications, two are free, two cost $0.99, and one costs $1.99. The applications are a mix of animations and games. They are appropriate for age 7 and up and some are even age 2 and up. The PopMath application seemed the best, but it costs $0.99. Otherwise the free Basic Math and miTables Lite seem good, also.

#3 iPod touch Web Apps
This article explained that web apps are specially designed for the iPhone and iPod touch. It says most web apps are free to use, but you need wireless Internet to access some of them. Otherwise you can download and install software applications to avoid this issue. It gave various places to go to get web apps instead of just the Apple directory: "Check out iLounge, iPhone Applications List, and Everything iCafe. Or, on your iPod, go to or, which are actually web apps that are directories to dozens of other web apps." The suggestion was also made to have a teacher webpage for students to go to various web apps and sites. A good way they suggested to do this is with Wirenode.

#4 iPods in the Classroom
This article interviews an educational technology coordinator for a school district in California about the use of iPods in their schools. He says its great for administrators but more importantly for teachers to use in their classroom. The article goes through various uses of the iPod in the classroom, such as flashcards for ELL students to see and hear words, reinforcing videos for struggling students, calorie counting, and so much more.

#5 What do students think about using iPods in math classes?
This article was a compilation of a bunch of students ideas of what they thought about potentially using an iPod in a math class. One of the recurring themes was showing videos and using the iPod for supplemental notes to look back at. There were also other interesting ideas that were helpful.

#6 iPod Math
This was just an awesome webite I found that has great activites suitable for math class dealing with reading articles about the iPod students might be interested in, looking at statistics and number sense about the iPod, etc. It seems like the website is actually still being made because some of the pages in the website are not available yet. I am eager to see all of the other activities they'll put on the site when they are finished.

#7 The iPhone Goes To Math Class: Mathomatic Does Your Homework And More
Even though this article has the word iPhone in it, it also applies to the iPod Touch. This was probably the most interesting article I've read so far. It explains how the web app Mathomatic for $1.99 can solve simple to very complex problems. It gives various examples in the article of what types of algebraic equations, etc. it can solve.

#8 Opinion: Are iPod-banning schools cheating our kids?
This was an opinion article about the way some school systems are run today regarding the use of technology. It starts off by commenting that iPods maybe should be required instead of banned during tests. It goes on to say our current educational system tests a lot on pure memorization and not on using knowledge. It pushes more towards letting students use all of this technology they are growing up with instead of just memorizing and spitting out facts.

#9 Learning Math With Music
This is a project designed for an Elementary math class, but could be used with any concept in math at any level. The project dealing with elementary students gives them a math fact to make a rhyme or song about with an iPod, then the teacher makes a playlist and sends the playlist back to all the students iPods for them to listen to.

#10 Math Tutor - iPod
This is a website that gives various video files to download onto your iPod for math help. It doesn't have many free files, but has disks that you can buy depending on the subject you are studying. Each disk costs 15 Liras.

Assignment #3: Podcast Subscription

I subscribed to Math Guy Podcast (Seth Sorensen). This is a series of 10 podcasts that lead you through various tricks you can do with numbers. I do this if I ever need filler time with my kids. I used to put the directions for these on an overhead and guide the kids through it, but this would be neat to just have them listen to the podcast instead of me.

Assignment #4: Unit Lesson Plan

Assignment #5: Teacher/Student Made Podcasts:

This is a podcast I will make that will feature a different Challenge Question every week. Students can download this to their iPods from my wikispace and work on this at home or during class if they have extra time.

This is a student made podcast (really me talking, but my students will do this during the year) about what we learned in class today. Instead of me making a bunch of audio or video podcasts, I thought my students could stay after school if they wanted to and make an audio or video podcast as a catch up for students who were absent that day or for students to view at home if they didn't understand something. I don't know if this will be successful or not, but we'll give it a try this upcoming school year.