1. When I found this lesson plan, I immediately thought about how useful it will be for my lower level Algebra kids who struggle with solving equations. We would first learn how to solve equations on paper in class, and then would go down to the computer lab so they could use these virtual manipulatives on a balancing scale to help them better understand how to solve equations. I'm excited to try it next school year! Solving Equations Virtual Manipulatives

2. This is an awesome review strategy that I can use with my kids. They are always asking me if we can play games for reviewing for a quiz or test. I've played Math-O (Bingo) with them before, and Jeapordy, but not virtual Jeapordy! This site gives you a blank Jeapordy game and easy to follow directions on how to create a game of your own using the concepts you're teaching in class. I know they'll love it! http://www.hardin.k12.ky.us/res_techn/sbjarea/math/MathJeopardy.htm

3. This lesson plan is all about the Census. The students will look up information on the Internet about the Census, answer questions relating to what they find, and make graphs dealing with some of the data. I would have the students use Microsoft Excel to make the bar, line, pie, or picture graphs. Cool lesson! Census Sensibility